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Rebecca Wangui

Here is my story 
Rebecca Wangui
Alumnae of HMGC 2011
Rebecca came to HMGC because Momo Wairimu told her about it in Huruma 
I spent a year at HMGC 
Shamba work. Growing and cooking food. Dressmaking. 
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Yvonne Matheka

I am very fine, happy with nursing, enjoying every bit of it. I got a new placement two weeks ago, to a surgical ward. Nursing is not an easy job, but i think its the best. I got a very good orientation to the ward on the first day because i was very new then. I met patients with surgeries, though not all of them. At first it was abit challenging because i hadnt seen a patient in coma or with sutures.

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Maurine Adhiambo

My name is Maurine Adhiambo; I come from a family of 9 people. I joined Hawkers Market Girls centre 2010 through Irungu who told my mum about the centre and my mum was so excited to hear about it, by that time I was with my sister who had finished her secondary education but she was just at home, same applied to me. So the we went to the centre and were enrolled.

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Munira Said

I joined the centre in the year 2007. I heard about the centre from a former student who had been there and my aunt encouraged me to come. At this time I was a house help in Eastleigh. At HMGC I learnt a lot. This includes catering, dressmaking, computer, life skills, and environmental activities which enabled me to be become all well rounded person.

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Miriam Maina

I did my form four in the year 2006 and I lived in Mathare North until the post election violence. During the violence my family lost everything. We had to move to Huruma and start from scratch which was very difficult. My father used to own his own business could sustain us, now it was no longer true.

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Maureen Atieno

I joined HMGC in March 2006. I was so glad finally to be able to study again. The Girls Centre offered us 4 main courses that is dressmaking, basic accounts, computer studies, catering. This gave me an opportunity to choose a course which suits me, one that I had dreamt of. But being so ambitious I decided to study all of them and worked hard to pursue excellence. Our teachers were very good and kind to us an they kept on encouraging us to work hard for a better future. I listened and I made sure that after every exam I was the best among all.

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Mary Akinyi

My name is Mary Akinyi Otieno. Born in 1986 I was brought up and raised in a Christian family. After finishing my o levels I was recognized as an outstanding hardworking student who was dedicated to her work. Completing school was the best thing for me as I had so many dreams and ambition to pursue career in the Hospitality Industry.

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Lucy Nyambura

I joined the  HMGC centre in 1996 and I used to help my mother who is a single parent in the market in washing potatoes and doing other chores. We live in Gachie.

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