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Tuesday, 10th January, 2017

A visit to the West Gate

Here we are from Hawkers Market Girls Center. We were treated to an end term celebration. It Hisense of Bhavna Gokaldas. For most of us it was our first visit to West Gate. So many people and so many shops. Imagine the lift taking us all these up with a press of a button. And all the way down. The escalators were great fun too.

We really enjoyed our hot dog, coke and popcorn. We were here to see the movie theatre and see a movie on a large screen. Phiona was just looking like there's no opportunities in the slums, no running water, food and no infrastructure. How amazing

 that under teacher Kitenia, Phiona was able to blossom. Her perserverence and skill sends her out of the slum. As she flies to Sudan over the cluds she thinks she is near heaven. We were heart broken when the rains flooded her home. It has happened to us so often. It has taught us never to give up. To follow our dream.

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