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Thursday, 11th February, 2010

Kenya Girl Guides launch sanitary towels "Huru Pads"

The Huru pad is a sanitary towel that is reusable. It can be washed, and reused. Included in the pack are pads which can be used in the daytime at school, some to be used at night, soap to wash the pads and instructions on how to use this sanitary pad. The sanitary pad is the initiative of America Share, Micato Safaris, Huru Team and Johnson and Johnson. Kenya Girl Guides Association is a partner as well.

The launch took place in Mkuru Kwa Njenga, a very deprived and unsanitary slum of Narirobi. Pictured are the Girl Guides from the Hawkers Market displaying the kits that they received. Mrs. Juliana Mulandi, Chief Commissioner of Kenya Girl Guides Association gave an address at the launch of the pads.

The launch of the huru pad means that the girls no longer have to miss school, work or sports. They receive one kit and it is used for a year. There is no expense of buying sanitary towels. They do not have to use cloth, cotton wool or suffer any more. The pad is safe, comfortable and ready to use. The kit can carry books as well as the pads. The kit includes messages of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS. This is a miracle for the girls in the slums who often live miles away from shops and this gives them the freedom to be themselves.

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