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Friday, 4th January, 2019

National Cup Competition

The National Cup copetition for the Girl Guides took place on 3rd to 6th  Dec at the Shanzu Transitional workshop in Mombasa.

7 girls participated in the competitions.Among the items they presented were The Girl guide law and promise,First Aid ,World Guiding,Environment among others.

The girls had to prepare for the competitions as well as be ready for the long journey which most of them were exicited since they had never been to Mombasa.

on arrival they met a totally different culture to what they are used to and  one of the girls Jane narrates.."When we alighted at the bus stop in Mtwapa we received a warm welcome from the Bodaboda(motorbike)operators who were ready to assist us and even carry our luggage and we were surprised since this is note the same case with Nairobi. The peolple their are welcoming and they greet you to know how you are.

As young leaders from the centre we were lucky to be able to travel.The cost of the trip was Kshs.8000/- per young leader.Our Guide leader Isabella prepared us for camp life.We had never travelled tothe coast so we experienced a different geographical climate and the sea. The climate was so different from Nairobi.We were 7 of us - Everlyne,Rebecca,Matilda,Beatrice,Juliet Waeniand myself.

We boarded the bus at night from Nairobi ,teacher Isabella saw us off.We had our Bamboos to construct out tables a nad chairsand a storage area.We also had our solar lamp and torch.

We arrived in Mtwapa the next day and set up camp.Every evening we had camp inspection.We did very well and worrd as a team.

Iit was agreat delight for us to be on the beach with soft sand under our feet and the vast rolling tides.

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