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Friday, 4th January, 2019

SUBIRA Movie at westgate

All 32 of us were drawn to tears by SUBIRA'S struggle to follow her dream . Here we are most of us had never been to Westgate.Nor ever been to a movie theatre.Thank you Sippy for putting on this special show for us,thank you Ruth for inspiring us and supporting us we loved that the movie began with a light-a flame of hope.the father was a man full of Hope and love.He said to  Subira the Ocean is yours-This was inprinted in Subiras heart,she followed here heart.The Grandmother and mother thought of nothing but pushing her out of the house into marriage.Finally she tells her mother that that made her feel like a burden and unloved.

Subira dived into the waters at last and is reborn from the depth of the water.She wins her love and the husband understands so he too is freed.Subira breaks the mindset of the trader and lets go of the idea of a woman captured in her role wife,cook,childbearer,she is allowed to swim and choose her path.The Imam Encouraged him to Subiri to have patience to let her grow and let his son grow too.


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